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[Sorry if this is too glowing, I stole most of it from the covers of her books. 8*) Picture pending when I get round to scanning one in.]

ELAINE MORGAN was first known as a writer for television. She worked in that field for over thirty years, on such projects as Dr. Finlay's Casebook and Z-Cars, winning eleven awards, both national and international. [Note these details may be out of date]

She became a household name in 1972, with her first book The Descent of Woman, an international bestseller which has been translated into nine languages. Hailed as a great feminist work, it also heralded the beginning of a lifetime of research into the Aquatic Ape Theory.

Three further books, The Aquatic Ape, The Scars of Evolution and The Descent of the Child, recieved many glowing reviews in the world's scientific press.

She has also had several scientific papers published on the AAT and other topics, and contributed to The Aquatic Ape: Fact or Fiction? and to a symposium on the Aquatic Ape Theory featured in the British Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference in 1992.

Here is a list of her books and papers.

Comments from reviews

"For my money, she is more scientific than Genesis, more up to date than Darwin, more fun than Ardrey, and she writes better than Desmond Morris."
- John Rowan Wilson, The Sunday Telegraph

"Reasoned, revolutionary thinking . . . Not only does she take on Charles Darwin, Desmond Morris, Robert Ardrey and Konrad Lorenz, but that menace to female development, Freud."
- Carol Dix, The Guardian

"It says much for Elaine Morgan's skill as a writer that my views about her latest book and what she was trying to achieve by writing it changed completely while I was reading it... deserves to be read seriously... no one can deny that she has marshalled her material clearly and economically and made good use of it."
- Johnathan H. Musgrave, Biology and Society

"There are some very impressive pieces of evidence . . . her case is well enough made for us to take an aquatic history seriously."
- Annals of Human Biology

"Elaine Morgan seems to have suceeded where the professionals have failed. She has made a genuine contribution to evoluitonary theory which synthesises research from a wide range of scientific disciplines; and she has presented it in a form which is accesible to the interested lay reader."
- Bruce Charlton, British Medical Journal

"The cost of conceding to Morgan would be a palaeological crisis as profound as that of the earth scientists when adjusting to the equally 'impossible' idea of floating continents."
- Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

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