Morgan Papers & Books


All published by Souvenir Press, and some in Penguin, etc as well. The first two have both been reported to be out of print, though I haven't verified this, as yet.


The aquatic hypothesis
New Scientist vol 102 (Ap 12 '84): 11-13

Sweaty old man and the sea
New Scientist vol 105 (Mr 21 '85): 27-8

In the beginning was the water; an aquatic phase in our development could explain our ability to talk
New Scientist vol 109 (Mr 6 '86): 62-3

Lucy's child
New Scientist vol 112 (D 25 '86/Ja 1 '87): 13-15

The aquatic ape theory and the origin of speech.
Studies in Language Origins. Editors: Jan Wind, Edwin Pulleyblank, Eric de Grolier. Philadelphia; Benjamins (89)

The Water Baby.
New Statesman and Society vol 5, Issue 232 (Dec 12 '92): 29-30.

Nutrition and Health vol 9, ('93): 193-203. (In Depth)

Walking Hypotesis
New Statesman and Society vol 7, Issue 305 (Jun 3 '94): 37-38.

Darwin and Feminism
Collegium antropologicum (Jan 6 '92)
No AAT stuff in this one.

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